April 24, 2019
By the time Nate D. Sanders established his auction house in Los Angeles in 1990, he already had developed a strong reputation as a straight dealer. He has been a collector for over 40 years, and by the late 1970s, Nate was already highly regarded in collectors' circles. These days, Nate D. Sanders’ auction house conducts monthly auctions that serve to draw bidders, collectors and investors from all over the world. For more than three decades now, Nate D. Sanders has worked hard to hone a reputation as one of his industry's most respected memorabilia dealers and as one of the industry's best experts, as well.

When it came time to auction the iconic white t-shirt sported by Hollywood legend James Dean in "Rebel Without a Case and the shotgun Hollywood icon Steve McQueen carried in "The Magnificent Seven," the owners of those items trusted Nate D. Sanders, based on his reputation as a specialist in Hollywood memorabilia. Likewise, when it came time to sell a watercolor and ink drawing of Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet by the illustrator of the Winnie-the-Pooh books, E.H. Shepard, the owners trusted Nate D. Sanders Auctions to conduct the auction online.